My name is Dian Tinio, a 20-something gradually braving my own oceans. I am a firm believer that God’s strength is made perfect in my weakness.

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My day job is a content/copywriter at a creative agency. And interestingly, on the side, well… I write.

I built this website for one purpose alone: it’s to share my experiences, adventures, and realizations in hope that I can encourage and inspire those who are going through the same situation.

I’m in love with cheap traveling, cheap eat outs, cheap clothes & basically anything cheap.

Check out my works on Thought Catalog and Elite Daily.

You can follow my works on Instagram, or tweet me if you like. You can also visit my Tumblr or on Facebook.




2 Replies to “Hello!”

  1. Hey I think your writing is lovely. It weighed me down in my chair and made my heart sink. I felt the love pains in your most recent poem. You’re inspiring. I also recently followed you on instagram; to my surprise you followed back! It’s trejosayssso. Hope you’re having a lovely day.


    1. Hi Jamie! Thank you so much! It feels good to communicate to people through my writings, thank you really! 🙂 yeah, i saw you on IG, thank you for following!

      have a nice day! so sorry for the really late reply!


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